The first question is, Why are there two pics of the same shot?
As an ACW Naval historian I'm proud of the fact I was able to walk on board the remains of a Civil War ship, a Southern one
at that.  My book  THE LAST GRAY LADY is the only work I have found that looks at the insides of those ships. The big pic
is the stern of the CSS JACKSON. The metal skeleton is the shape of the missing part that was burnt.  The black item
behind me is the stuffing tube - where the shaft passes through the hull.  The blown up pic is just sweet lovable me. For
some unknown reason many readers want to see what the author looks like.
The second question is, Why this big a deal about the ACW? Good question, when I have an answer I'll post it.
Probably due to the fact my research of those ships has spilled over into my fiction writings. The ship in IRON DRAGONS
and MUSKRAT is the JACKSON. Trying to figure out what the JACKSON's crew would have been and knowing what I had
when on the USS ENGAGE in the 1980s helped set up the crew for the Sci-Fi VIPER series. There are a lot of differences,
but also similarities between ships of the 1860s, 1980s and 2280s. Its been fun studying those ships, but it's almost
impossible to find something that hasn't already been written about. I am not going to write the 151st version of the history
of the CSS Alabama.
With the ACW no longer dominating my time, it's time to return to my second love - Fantasy. I hate reading about or
watching real life on TV or movies - seen too much in real life. I first played D&D back in '77. Even developed my own
fantasy world called  - (Have you guessed it?)  -  The Island.  While other areas of interest came and went, my campaign
notes and the huge 5'x2' map on the index page have never been far away.
Now it's time to add to those notes experiences gained from living in the ruin of WWII Frankfurt, military and teaching.
Besides what you see on these pages I have also written six plays. AND MAN CREATED GOD was awarded 2th at the First
Coast Writers Festival. GUINEA PIG, a look at what a human guinea pig 'endured'. These I am offering for the big
screen. DECISIONS would be great for a church's youth program. THE MIST, HOME AT LAST and PEE WEE are being
offered as TV movies.
Then add 15 war games.  These will not be available. The days of miniatures gaming are almost gone. But the research
done for them has paid off with other works.
Authors like feed back. If you have something, I'll be glad to see comments on what you like and don't. But don't waste my
time by writing to just say you hate a book. Tell me why and do it in English or be quiet. I don't have time for malcontents
who get their jollies ripping apart authors who can do what they can't - create a story idea and turn it into a finished work.  
While I've got lots of future story plots, all authors are open to other ideas.
Take care and enjoy Felven and the other elves and the other works.
For those wanting to know - currently I've working on
a book for 1st graders. Then its back to  two books, both half done.
Viper 2287, the fourth in that series.  The Compound, a
Sci-Fi surface combat based on the Viper series. Once those are
done its back to Felven.
 Or whatever I feel like doing. I just like to write.        
Everyone knows the true meaning of the word, Assume. Boy, am I playing into that.
The length of the Felven books will be about 175 pages (paper version), 47,000 words  novelle size as I'm assuming that is
a good size for the modern day YA crowd.  That is not to say full length novels won't be forth coming. I"ve got several old
campaigns that will make great single novels.
The author on the remains of the